Journey to Kenya’s Wonderlands

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After many months of planning and changing places of visit, we finally decided that we will visit Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara this time around.. two of the best kept national parks in Kenya. On a daily basis we watched the weather … Continued

Chasing Grebes at Jamnagar

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(Also a look back on the events that happened in 2009) From the time I saw a few breeding image of the Great Crested Grebes by a wonderful English Photographer/Conservationist Jeremy Early, I always wanted to photograph this magnificent avian … Continued

In search of the fastest

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Birds have been a very close to my heart subject for the past 2 decades and among them the raptors or predators hold a very special place. Among these numerous raptors which come in form of Eagles, hawks, kites etc … Continued

Trip to Pangot, Western Himalayas

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I am writing this after almost 2 months of slumber… For all most 3 months or more the only thought process that was going on in my mind was the trip to Pangot which Niranjan and myself was planning. The … Continued

The Joy of Bird Photography

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I had always wanted to write in my bulletins about the JOY that is brought in by birding and bird photography. The beauty of our subjects (birds) enthralls us, inspires us to take that one difficult step towards perfection, we … Continued

A day at Camp Leopard Rock

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Camp Leopard Rock is a rustic camping site maintained and run by a good friend of mine, Sridhar Reddy. Sridhar is an adventure and outdoors freak and has a long standing experience in trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, camping, rafting and … Continued

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