A Quick Trip to the Bandipura Forests

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  As the long weekend of Dasara was approaching the call from within was to visit the wilderness. We friends (Venky, Suresh and self) decided to head to Bandipur National Park so we booked Jungle Lodges (JLR) and Resorts at Bandipur and … Continued

When the Monsoon arrives in South India

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WHEN THE MONSOON ARRIVES IN SOUTH INDIA Everyone of us know what the monsoon rain is like – it drenches, soothes, creates and make a complete turn around of events that affect each and every individual in this country one way … Continued

The Abode of Raptors – Nandi Hills

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The Abode of Raptors – Nandi Hills   As birders associated with Nandi Hills for many years, we all know what a wonderful bio-diversity hotspot that place is. Especially when winter arrives to this part of India, it brings along lots … Continued

Anamalais Trip Report

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Introduction Thank you for joining this bulletins list from www.clementfrancis.com. We hope you enjoy reading the bulletins and seeing the images from nature we click each week. Right now as you know it is the beginning of the monsoon season and birding … Continued

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